Imagine a world where every Software Development Team on the Planet is inspired to go to work, feels trusted and valued during the day, and then returns back home fulfilled. And this happens because their work has a meaning, because they make other people's lives better every day. And they know how they improved something today because they established, maintain and value different kinds of connections with their clients.

The way they make other people's lives better — is by making software with great User eXperiences. They don't just build and ship features, they solve real and hard problems for their business and clients. And as it's impossible to build great UX without feedback loops, they pay attention to different kinds of analytics: business, marketing, finance, user behavior, performance, etc.

We understand that they have resources and will only to build what they build, that they have no resources to build all that analytics by themselves. That's why they'd wanted existing, easy to use, easy to integrate with, reliable solutions for that. And as currently, in 2023 there's no product that would be dedicated to Product UX Analytics, we decided to build such an app that every Software Development Team by 2030 would consider as a de-facto standard for tracking user behaviour analytics. If any Software Development Team on the Planet in 2030 wants to know how features are being used in their apps, digital products or services — our app will be the first solution that will come to their mind, because it's an app they can rely on and they have great experience with. It's like nowadays "GitHub", but in features usage analytics market.

If you are interested to learn more about our product and see how it can help you with your product, please try existing prototype or contact us.