Do They Use?

Audit and track features usage in your digital products

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Visualize features usage in your digital apps and services to make data-informed UX decisions

How it works

1. Import JavaScript SDK in your web-app:

<script src=""></script>

2. Interact with web-elements of your app: click links, press buttons, choose options in drop-down lists, etc.

3. Go to Do They Use account to see usage stats for each of web-elements of your app:

Do They Use demo app

JavaScript SDK

There is an open source JavaScript SDK that already covers all most popular default interaction HTML elements (and it is ready for new pull requests if you want to contribute).

You host or we host

Service is available both for Cloud-based (we host) and in Docker container for Self-hosted (you host) installations. For more information about types of installation and operation read how to setup for your app.

Data Security

If you want to use Do They Use app, but you worry about Data Security then you have different options:

GDPR, CCPA and other Data Privacy regulations

If your users disagree to share their usage data with you, you can ask JS SDK to stop collecting and sending any data anywhere by calling:


as well as start collecting again:


Differences with other Product Analytics tools

If you have questions about the differences with Google Analytics and similar tools, please visit Comparison page.

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