Installation of analytics app

To pull and run Docker container with DoTheyUse Product Ananlytics app use instructions at Docker Hub web page.

Using analytics app

  1. Interact with web-elements in already preconfigured sample web-app (or with tagged element(s) in your app);
  2. Return back to the Analytics app (should be on http://localhost) and refresh the page — analytics for your recent actions will be displayed:

Installation of ANALYTICS SDK into your APP

  1. Import and init DTU JavaScript SDK in your web app: put the following code right before </body> tag in your web app:
    <!-- Use JS SDK hosted by us (default): -->
    <script src=""></script>
    <!-- or use JS SDK hosted by your container: -->
    <!--script src="http://localhost/src/customer/dtu_sdk_js/dtu_sdk.js"></script-->
    <script type="text/javascript">
      const dtu = dotheyuse({
        'topic': 'My sample app'
  2. Tag with "data-dtu" attribute any (of DTU JS SDK supported types) elements of your web app. For example, tag a hyperlink:
    <a href="..." data-dtu>...</a>
    or with custom "data-dtu" attribute value:
    <a href="..." data-dtu="some link">...</a>
  3. JavaScript SDK monitors different event types for different web-elements. Refer to DTU JS SDK source code to find the exact elements and monitored event types.

Furter steps

You can't send metrics from your apps into cloud MVP right now. But you can leave your email and we will contact you about possible ways to do it.

Current version of cloud MVP uses and shows only its own self-monitored metrics. It is made to provide you with instructions, explanations, how-to's and demonstration of the service current abilities without any setup efforts from your side.

Go to Analytics app to try it. It has both synthetic auto-generated (lite and heavy data) and your real current usage live data: