How this demo works

Every interaction element (button, link, menu, drop-down, date-time picker, etc.) on a whole website (including this web page as well) has its own unique and meaningful "data-dtu" attribute:

Every page also imports and inits Do They Use service JavaScript SDK with custom "topic": "your real usage now":

This setup allows to track all your interactions with any tagged (we want to be monitored) element on this website. And all these interactions appear under "Data source": "your real usage now" in demo account:

By default chart displays "All available" information: stats for all the elements from the whole web site (including demo account itself) at any time. But you can filter for any particular element at any time period. If an element has never had interactions or it has no "data-dtu" attribute assigned, then it will not be available for filtering.

The more you interact with different elements on website — the more of them appear in stats under "Data source": "your real usage now".

Auto-generated data

Demo account also has 2 synthetic sets of data in "Data source" drop-down:

These simulations are made to demonstrate what it looks like when you have "lite" and "heavy" events traffic. For example, "lite" model has 1-3 events per 15 minutes time frame and "heavy" model has more than 10 events per each minute.

Mobile friendly

Whole web site UI/UX optimised for smartphones and tablets as well.